Главная Авторам Procedure for submitting and publishing scientific articles in the «Mine surveying and subsurface use» magazine

Procedure for submitting and publishing scientific articles in the «Mine surveying and subsurface use» magazine

This article provides useful information for the authors submitting their scientific articles to be published in the «Mine surveying and subsurface use» science and technology magazine.

1.1. A scientific publication is the main result of the scientist's activity. The predominant purpose of a scientific publication is to make the work of the author known to other researchers and to establish his or her priority in the selected field of studies. A scientific article is a completed and logically integral product throwing light on some topic within the scope of problems connected with the subject of his (her) thesis.

1.2. In the course of preparation of the manuscript for publication the author should observe certain requirements to the form of the manuscript accepted by the editors of the magazine selected for its publication. Besides, it is recommended to observe the rules of making up the manuscript established by GOST 7-89-2005 «Author's and publishing text originals».

1.3. The size of the article should not exceed 20 A4 typewritten (computer) pages with 1.5 spacing, font size – 12 points.

1.4. The top left corner should contain the UDC (Universal Decimal classification) index. The article should be accompanied by a short abstract meeting the requirements of GOST 7.9-95 «Abstract and summary. General requirements» suitable for translation into English, and a list of keywords.

1.5. The article should also contain a list of literature drawn up in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008 «Bibliographic reference. General requirements and rules of drawing».

1.6. After the title of the article it is necessary to place the surname, name and patronymic of the author, his/her academic status and degree, position, name of the organization, institution or enterprise.

1.7. At the end of the article it is necessary to indicate the mail and e-mail addresses and phone numbers of the author.

1.8. «Mine surveying and subsurface use» magazine publishes articles on the following subjects:

  • Mineral resources
  • Geologo-economical appraisal of mineral deposits
  • Economic problems of subsoil use
  • Legislation and legal questions in the field of subsoil use
  • Safety issues of subsurface use
  • Industrial use of mineral resources
  • Geomechanics
  • Geology of mineral deposits
  • Complex and effective use of minerals
  • Technical and technological issues of minerals extraction
  • Refining and processing of minerals
  • Mining geodesy and geological support of mining enterprises
  • Ecology of subsoil use
  • Information technology

1.9. The article should be submitted to the editors in the electronic (CD (DVD) - disks, USB Flash) and hard copy forms prepared using the Microsoft Word processor, indicating the field of study to which it belongs. Articles may also be sent to the editors by e-mail.

1.10. Additional requirements to graphical materials.

1.10.1. Illustrations included in the text should be made out in monochrome in the form of separate files in the tif graphical format with the resolution of not less than 300 dpi. Color drawings if so desired by the authors can be published in the form of separate color inserts for an additional payment.

1.10.2. Raster graphics is accepted in the TIFF format (not higher than Adobe Photoshop 7.0). Full-color images should be transformed into a CMYK model. The image resolution should be 300 dpi.

The images may not contain external Alpha channels.

1.10.3. Vector drawing is accepted in the EPS format (not higher than Adobe Illustrator 10.0, Corel Draw 11). All the fonts contained should be converted into curves. All the colors used in the images should have the CMYK model.

1.10.4. Drawings in formats other than those indicated in these Rules shall not be accepted for review.



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